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Suicide, not another Taboo

Book review: Tony White's Working with suicidal individuals

When is "enough is enough" for the human being? When suicide becomes a last resort? Is it the final consequence of depression, or of losing a job or loved one? Is it "the solution" only for the mentally disordered or addicts? Are those states the triggers or reasons? We tend to associate suicide with some important traumatic event or large emotions of dissatisfaction. But is this really so?

I did try to kill myself twice

Interview: Tony White, psychotherapist

"I have experiences in my life that I would keep private but this is not one of them. I see no difficulty in disclosing such a thing," says psychotherapist Tony White, author of the book Working with Suicidal Individuals, where he refers to his own suicide attempts as a teenager. What can influence suicide decisions, what can parents do, can one handle suicidal urges alone, what is essence without human can't survive and much more - he reveals in an exclusive interview withWAVE magazine

Psychology behind suicide

Hitler's, Virginia Woolf's and Sid Vicious's suicide notes

Hitler, Virginia Woolf and Sid Vicious have one thing in common. They all decided to end their life by committing suicide. Under surface we can discover different suicide decisions in their acts and different motives in such action. What is business like approach to making a suicide attempt? Is suicide a selfish act? How suicide pacts are made?

Kad je sreda petak je

Baka mi je juče ispričala jednu priču, koju su i njoj pričali. Recimo da je to neka narodna priča i da se verovatno može naći u više sličnih varijanti, no ipak pouka je jedinstvena.