"In a world of magnets and miracles..."

Čist račun, duga ljubav

Šta se dešava sa ljudima koje ostavimo za sobom? Ili koji nas ostave za sobom? Kako se nastavi život, da li možemo izbrisati prošlost, želimo li? Kako zadržati sećanje a kako ga ne projektovati u sadašnjost? Gde nestaju sva osećanja? Kako se gube u prostoru i vremenu, kuda lutaju ili su samo dobro ušuškana i potisnuta negde izvan domena duše, dok ona ne vrisne "dosta"!?

Don’t look a Turk straight in the eyes

Don’t look a Turk straight in the eyes

Generalizations  about nations are usually exaggerated and often inapplicable to an individual, but that does not prevent us from being under their influence.

How can New Media be used to stimulate the public debate on EU Enlargement?

How can New Media be used to stimulate the public debate on EU Enlargement?
presentation by Milena Stosic & Debora Miranda
Closing conference EYJA 2010
May 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

They enlarged their vision

Winning reports “Enlarge your vision” European young journalist award 2010

Choice by Milena Stošić

The `European way of life` is when, in an Italian restaurant in Estonia, speaking English I can invite a Finnish girl that I met in Greece, to come to Croatia. That is how I view the EU.
Greece is writing European history all over again – Miho Dobrašin

Young Journalists on EU Enlargement

The European Young Journalist Award Alumni Project

The EYJA 2009 Winners trip to Berlin was a great opportunity for European Young Journalists to start developing a network idea. Only a few months after each one of us returned to his/her home country, the exchange of e-mails regarding the EYJA 2010 edition started – and doesn’t seem to have an end. Since then, ideas coming from Chicago to Serbia have come to build a challenging and extremely interesting project. As former winners of the European Young Journalist Award, we are very keen to develop a network of young journalists from our wide Europe. Join us!

I enjoy writing about the European Union

Interview: Ivan Radak, Serbian winner of the European Young Journalist Award 2010
When you hear in public about the EU or European banks granting certain resources to Serbia, it usually means money allotted to large state projects, such as roads, bridges, reforms or the budget, and, reasonably so, great attention is paid to that. I wanted to show the readers that the money gets to the so-called ordinary people, that is, that the projects concerning their immediate surroundings are being financed