"In a world of magnets and miracles..."

They enlarged their vision

Winning reports “Enlarge your vision” European young journalist award 2010

Choice by Milena Stošić

The `European way of life` is when, in an Italian restaurant in Estonia, speaking English I can invite a Finnish girl that I met in Greece, to come to Croatia. That is how I view the EU.
Greece is writing European history all over again – Miho Dobrašin

Smiling, I thought to myself that the European Union is something similar; a Facebook club whose membership automatically gives you 27 new friends
with whom you can share and undertake many interesting things that you simply could not do alone. And experience up to now has shown that “there is strength in numbers!”.
It’s all Greek to me – Aikaterinis Petros

What did EU ever do for me? Apart from guaranteeing four weeks paid holiday and the protection of part time work, the free movement of goods, free movement of people, the research grants, the Erasmus program, the rigid and prosperous wildlife protection programs, the commitment to environment, the removal of cell phone roaming charges, the extension and guarantee of parental leave – What has the EU ever done for us?
My home, My Iceland, My Europe – Nanna Arnadottir

Ivo Andic’s “Bridges”: Of all the things created and built by human kind as a part of life’s effort, nothing in my mind is better or worthier than bridges. They belong to all and treat all alike; they are useful, always built for a purpose, at a spot where most human needs entwine; they are more durble than other buildings and serve no secret or evil purpose.
From Sarajevo to Brussels, a one – way trip – Antonio Di Bartolomeo

Many may not like it, but there’s one vibrant element that makes Europe the way it is: its diversity. For years, European nations waged many wars against one another. Sometimes they fought because of religion. Other times it was because of race of nation. And sometimes conflicts revolved around money or power. Wars of conquest from the times of the Romans to the age of Hitler have shown that a Europe controlled by a single mighty hand is not an entity that can withstand the trial of time. So our only chance is to stick together.
My Secret European Dream – Radovan Potočar

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